UX Design

Auty is a ride-share app extension, relying on smartwatch biometrics. I have designed an easy-to-use and highly customizable UX design for the app, with the purpose of providing a simple interface understood by aging seniors. The idea and design of this interface is based on personal experience, direct interview, and research, which inspired me to create a user-friendly design for this helpful tool - it’s made with the comfort, health and mobility of an aging population in mind.
About This Project

Auty: Enhancing Senior’s Mobility

I began my research by talking with my aunt regarding her health problems, and how they affected her driving. The next step was to create and distribute an online survey that gauged senior’s with limited mobility, as well as how often they travel, along with any aliments they may have. A total of 60 individuals took a 5-question survey, the Baby Boomer demographic: Born from 1946 to 1964 being the most common age range. The survey starts by asking some general questions on how often the participant drives, also asking boomers to rank personal driving ability in regards to the average motorist.

These findings led me to start thinking about a system to give boomers more years of safe mobility, not necessarily as the driver, rather the passenger without burdening others. Using a system in place such as Uber, yet enhanced, where the hired driver can collect biometric data and accommodate for health issues. As the autonomous taxi advances, this data can evolve from driver to the computer system of the autonomous vehicle itself.

“A tool to enhance safe mobility… enhancing independence – autonomy, physical and mental well-being. Using biometrics to account for passengers emotional and biological states, to the effects of seating, lighting, entering and exiting the vehicle, giving the ability of the vehicle to sense the boomer’s mood, and behaviors.”

Competitive Analysis:

My competitive analysis analyzed the top existing biometric watches and their approach to general biometrics. I found that users enjoy specific updates regarding health, or if the watch itself is losing battery power. Research provided the apple watch to be most reliable with the boomer demographic, due to the online support system and with the physical documentation in box.

User Persona:

The user persona was created from a direct interview and research. This persona is meant to represent how a typical user of the product may think and behave.



Intelligent Driving App:

The Intelligent Driving App I designed for Delphi Technologies shows real-time mapping data to predict changing in driving conditions, such as route infrastructure and topography, traffic congestion and weather, which will improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and shorten commute times.